I'm constantly making or drawing something, usually with clay or watercolours. I'm also available for commission if you would like a personalised artwork for yourself or as a gift, just get in touch!


I also offer communication design services for promotional materials such as surface graphics, logos and digital design. Get in touch! 


Pet Portraits

If you would like a custom pet portrait, get in touch!

Pet Portrait by Jess Lindholm
Illustration by
Illustration by

Mindful Mandalas 


Flow, a term coined by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, is a state of total immersion. It's that feeling you get when you begin a task only to glance at the clock a moment later and realise hours have peacefully passed. It's a state of total involvement and unwavering motivation. It's an incredible feeling.  Mandalas help me enter my own state of flow.
Watercolours, markers. 


Rockpool Magic 


I have an obsession with the rockpools on the back beaches of the Mornington Peninsula. Little water-worlds with the most curious inhabitants, exquisite shapes and wonderful textures. 


Altered Art Journal


This is an altered art journal. Purchasing professional artist journals is great and there's no doubt that they're beautiful, but sometimes they can add a little too much pressure to the creative process. I like to experiment in an altered art journal instead, like the one pictured above. I picked up this novel for $2 at the op shop in April and have been filling it up with collage and acrylic work since. The printed text makes you carefully consider your background first and foremost as you determine how you will work with what already exists on the page. Sometimes I want to mask the words completely, sometimes it's nice to let them show through, or decide on a code that allows the text to govern the creative process. This journal is all about exploring ideas and expressing inner states and the creative process is of just as much, if not more, importance than the final product. 

Acrylic, markers, gel pen, collage.


A bunch of art about thoughts that I've had. Often they're about sleeping or food. 
Mixed media (watercolours, markers, digital)

I have an unhealthy obsession with houseplants. Watercolour pencils, fineliner. 


Australia is home to the most magnificent creatures. Tissue paper collage. 

Recipes for Esperanto

Some work for Esperanto magazine, 2016. Markers, digital. 


2016 art journaling adventures exploring whether it's more important in art to be playful or productive. Markers, collage, digital.