Imogen-Ivy Grace Murray || Meet the Maker

Meet The Maker - Imogen Grace Murray

Meet Sydney based artist Imogen-Ivy Grace Murray. At 19 years old, Imogen has seen, done and made a LOT. Imogen’s work is often serene and thought provoking, varying greatly in content and medium, from film to installation, photography, painting and life drawing. I’m a big fan of her concept ‘More to Love’ which promotes acceptance and self-love on the deepest of levels. I took the chance to ask Imogen some questions about her work, message and creative process. 

Imogen Murray

First of all, how would you describe your creative practice in terms of mediums and vision?

I am a creative director, self love promoter, artist and loon. My work rays from short films, skits, art installations, mood boards to large scale art.

One thing that intrigues me is that you left school to travel around Europe at 16. Were you scared? Hesitant? Or ready to jump right in?

I was in a really weird place. No real thought process. I wasn’t happy and I wanted to find what was internally wrong by changing the external - travelling to the other side of the world. I didn’t find the answer in England. I found it in my 16-year-old self.

You seem to have a LOT of creative confidence! Has that always been the way?

No no no no. I think you have to find it somewhere if you decide you want to make a career out of it. My first day of film school, there was a stern lecture about how ‘everything you create will be online forever, criticised, judged and if in luck- applauded from now and forever.’

That lecture was a real slap in the face for me. A big reality.

How would you suggest someone builds their creative confidence to create in a less self-conscious way?

Surround yourself by supportive family and friends. Take time out for yourself. It sounds lame but yeah you gotta love yourself. That doesn’t mean been vain and up yourself.

Be proud of your work.

Educate and explore what other artist and filmmakers are up to. Get inspired and enlightened.

What does your creative environment look like?

Messy. Messy. Messy. I am blessed with having an artistic mum so there is paint all over the house. With Video work I am better with hard drives and folders etc. My journals and art books are very free, lots of colour, lots of energy on the page.

Do you have any ways that you ‘organise’ your brain? For example, I like to journal and make endless to do lists.

I fall asleep to music. Great way to imagine before bed. I have journaled since I was 14. Thoroughly enjoy that. Great way to express and get ideas, thoughts, poetry down and out of your head.

What’s exciting you lately?

Nudity always has excited me but as of more recent- plus size work has. I am a plus size gal and I would love to do some work inspiring others to feel comfortable in there skin.

I’ve noticed that self-compassion is very important to you - what are some ways you practice kindness towards yourself?  

I have a bath a day. Time to myself and play some slow but happy music. If I’m having a shit day I try wake myself up and go for a nudie swim either late at night in the local pool or in the day – a few kilometres off shore. It’s liberating knowing no one around you, getting the blast off cold water on you. Always makes me feel better and definitely changes my mood. Reflecting, as well. Noticing and seeing if I have been too hard on myself. Talking it out with friends is also great.

What makers are inspiring you lately?

Makers that are consistently inspiring me are Ryan Mcginley, Spencer Tunick, @prue_stent , @honeylong.

Where can we find you, online and otherwise?

Online - @imogen.ivy
Website –
At night – Palm beach pool, NSW.
In the morning- head first in coffee.


Mornings or nights? nights
Traditional or digital? digital
Write or type? write
Adventure or comfort zone? adventure
Shower or bath? bath